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eTarget Test League 💫

September 16, 2022 - October 9, 2022

The leaderboard for Test League 💫 is below. To see your name alongside your fellow athletes, select the button that says "Enter Score". You'll be prompted to input the number of targets you hit in each round of 25 and to upload verification of your scores from DryFire. The "Enter Score" button only appears once the league/event has officially started.

Bank Rounds: You also have the option to submit a "Bank Round". A Bank Round is a pre-shot round that can be used to replace one week's scores if a week is missed. It is considered a floating bank and can replace any week the league member is absent. It cannot be used to replace a logged score. Bank rounds are only available until the end of the second week.

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Class Rank Name Average State Bank Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
N/A N/A Wendy C. (mommagotthis3) N/A IL
N/A N/A Rachelle B. (RachelleB) N/A TX
N/A N/A Nathan M. (bcpunk) N/A TX
N/A N/A Iron M. (ironman) N/A TX
N/A N/A tests s. (esetes) N/A AL
N/A N/A Chris T. (testingt) N/A CA
N/A N/A Oh C. (canada) N/A Saskatchewan, CA
N/A N/A Clinton L. (Clintonsayshi) N/A TX
N/A N/A Reagan P. (Reagan.penn) N/A TX
N/A N/A Melissa S. (melissamerica) N/A TX